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Related article: Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 January 59th 29 -0400 ( EDT ) From: JPG u003cjacobmillertex aol. com u003e Subject: Under the Mask : Chapter 16 { Under the Mask is pure fiction. When I'm in this story, I get the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Since it is a story of love, sex is there but is in the realistic balance in the lives of the characters. Any resemblance to actual events names, or events in life is purely at random. If you are under age, (according to state law as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or someone in your ad area, or is illegal for you to view such content which is reading to n stop reading the story. This story may not be distributed in any form or manner without my explicit consent. Top 100 Nn Young Models Posted by JPG Top 100 Nn Young Models Chapter 16 Henderson has his hands full with people on your system to go to school. Well, no school and residents are more or less Nothing to do, since alland, and he is very worried. In return, he asked : his guards to come with ideas to keep residents time busy with various things to do. What is happening in the cafeteria at this time Henderson gives the reason. Some older people have problems with a new resident who just arrived. It is to such an extent that could lead is not just a fist fight. The new resident who just arrived last night, a young African- Americans. is believed to be the highest ranking African American gang member in the the building. He thinks it should be a run on things. Alex and Carlos went in as the new residents of several trays launched of nutrients in the Top 100 Nn Young Models soil. She went to his regular table and sat s down. Alex looked around the table to see if anyone knows what 's going on. " One of the rules we follow here, and the occupants, if not do not pay attention. I wonder if any of you know , tHat Guy is there causing problems. " All Bobby looked at each other and eventually the word. " The type of , thinking he 's the shit and if things go here. I do not know where he thinks he is, but the Mexican manage things at the premises of all in El Paso. " " Let Bobby, leaving very little in the way, but we'll take care him. There is no need for us to go there now and just by Lock Down or construction of ' B'. There is a time and place of everything. "It was Alex in his breakfast and started eating. Fell into minutes several guards and dragged to new residents. She dragged him out of the cafeteria, Alex looked up at him. it seems that Alex understands. After breakfast, leave Alex, Charles and Bobby, the other outside. Carlos find out what was assigned to man new found space. the boys were by in the room have a little conversation with the new residence. Charles and Bobby came into the room of firh, followed by Alex. Bobby the back and Top 100 Nn Young Models walked through the door after they were all in. The new guy stood Top 100 Nn Young Models immediately from the bed and lay there in the middle of the room For the three you just get n Alex went to the new residents and pushed him against the wall with the arm of his s in the throat. He stared into the eyes of Alex and not waver done. This frustrates the hell out of Alex. " I do not care where you come from or who you think you are. One thing I want to do to make clear that you are. You do not run into things here. Like in the county and in prisons. We run things. this shit I saw this morning does not happen again. you do not have that worry about the guards, you really have to worry about me. Trust in me will do worse than what the guards can do. no limit as to me. " Alex took his arm around the neck, but he was beaten several times in the logging. The new boy fell to the ground panting. He tried to back , but hey kick Carlosm repeatedly in the stomach. At this point, the new kid just out on the floor. Decided not to on the spot. He knows that the three boys are the Top 100 Nn Young Models time of his departure does not move. Alex came back up the new baby, and teased his s. Alex pulled his hair and looked into his eyes. "Things are quiet in this building and they want to stay that way no. destroy the peace I have in this building. If you do this, I you accept without hesitation sometimes it. " Alex suggested that the new guy with his head against the wall. He went out, followed by Charles and Bobby. The only reason Alex did what he did, is to kill soften the rumors about him. He knows how to keep for him for the position of his s, can not afford to look weak. Carlos He waved and said, loud enough to hear Bobby. "Getting to African-American leaders build up 'B'. Let him know about our little problem. If he can not control their type, Ihave no problem taking care of their affairs in order ! " Charles promised Alex to come and take over the problem. He looked at his friends and enjoyed seeing the old Alex. No note of the new Alex, however, time to time to see his best friend of the past. was again and again joined the group. Matt knows exactly where Alex Top 100 Nn Young Models was and what he did. not about Alex ask about this, because he has learned , which did not. also understands Top 100 Nn Young Models that Alex has to do nasty things from time to time. at that moment, something caught the corner Matt in the eye. just turned a time to run the new residents with Alex to see. Your first reaction is to protect Alex and what he did for n out of the way. the new Kid on the Top 100 Nn Young Models floor and ran quickly recovered. got up and Alex was waiting for a response. first, Alex looked at the baby. Try to find out what's happening in the mind of this child. is not much time for everyone on the patio to surround Alexand the new boy. Alex knows that 's not much time to deal with it boy. Before the new kind of know what Alex had been beaten into the ground. Alex came hit after hit in the face new kids on the chest and abdomen. All I could do is raise your arms to protect your face. as let the guy like Alex quickly to the floor, the guards began to move tell them apart. Top 100 Nn Young Models Alex hit the face first into the ground and held it there until the officer Jackson arrived. At the same time they moved to her new husband and began to gave him first aid. Not available in all the other witnesses, the hear the guards handcuffed Alex. They took him out of the ground and dragged in the building. At the same time, the new kid spoiled. After him, first aid, that let him go on his own to return to his room. Just as it is in the building up, asked a guard officer handcuffed Jackson others to create as well. " He was the one who struggled. Resident Alex was on topand beating the living daylights out of it. Block to see him go, the nurse, and Alex has to go, for a week or so. "One of the guards, who are compliance with Alex shouted. " broke all the protocol, when the inhabitants of the chosen measure the battlefield. You know you have no right to move people residing order for a fight until you, Mr. Henderson, or officer of the order to do so. Also, I think this is the young man who had a problem with this morning. that think it's a kind of gangster movies. Until I realized how all This began, no one will go to the nurse or block. Go and for these guys put into the interview room separately. " The other guards followed orders reluctantly. They put in a room of Top 100 Nn Young Models Alex the interview and the new man in another. They tied to the table Alex , but do not same with the new type. as soon as the guard left Alex alone in the interview room, looked at the hands of his s and realized that hisKnuckles are scratched and bleeding. The looked around. He realized that this is an area that is now on Alex sitting in the interview room for several hours before anyone came officer was in. Finally, in Jackson with some other officers. He front of Alex and pulled out his notebook. " Everyone who was around will tell you that Berry was there first, and implemented. Do not think you understood after several months here, you have what you did. Has been keep clean and out of trouble. now are you going to do that. " officer Alex Jackson sought some kind of answer. Alex sat there eyes looking directly at Officer Jackson. Not to say a word in response to , because of what the officer said Jackson. " You should have walked Alex!, Because you do not leave me with the no choice. Spend Christmas in solitary confinement. Once in solitary confinement, which is based ' B 'to be moved. " Alex said as thand, the guards came in with an officer pulled him Jackson in the table. "I sent for me alone to defend ? A then find me in Top 100 Nn Young Models the construction of the 'B ' to send a fight ? What s the new kid, he will have to build in solitary confinement and ' B' , n can be sent as well ? " " Forget about what will happen to the other. you have to worry about about you and what was done to increase your chances of here. " Jackson official waved the other guards Alex out of space. Alex was surprised when he entered his new cell in solitary confinement. The guards made ​​to remove her clothes and left him alone in his underwear as closed the door to rooms eight by eight. Matt finds out what the phone with Alex and now at the head of. Alex told him if he always ends in trouble to call the mother of his Top 100 Nn Young Models s. After the second ring, the voice of a young man answered the phone. " Alex is what you do, what to call you back within one business day ? " young guythe other side of the line asked with excitement in his voice. " This is Alex, I am a friend of his here in jail. NI eed to call your mother, if that's possible. " not ask questions, sets the brother Alex's phone and left y got his mother. A few minutes later Alex's mother on the line with Mat. You knew it was wrong to call someone else instead of his son. Matt explained everything that Alex's mother. She stood there in line lists what Matt had to say. When Matt told him about the punishment that received by their crimes, she hung up. Franseca quickly returned to the main house. She Top 100 Nn Young Models went directly to Jacob in the living room. Once she caught his eye, said Jacob, what's going on. Before you finish counting all of Jacob, who s started out the door. less than an hour, waiting for Jacob, in his conversation with Mr. Henderson Office n. Henderson tried secretaryto account for Jacob, you need appointment to speak with him. Jacob refused to leave without talk to him. Mr. Henderson went to Jacob and asked him to come to his office. was a time as Mr. Henderson around his desk, began to speak. " I know why you're here, and there is nothing, what I can do about it. Alex broke the rules and knew the consequences are. There is a struggle, to some reason , while in this facility. it is a ticket is to build on solitary confinement, and then ` B '. " " let me understand you correctly, you will fight in this facility if is moved along its agenda no. But when defending an attacker, that is n in solitary confinement and more than likely you will send the rest to serve s of jail sentence. Something here does not sound good to do. I have documentation of Alex things to do for you, for your application. he informed me about the dates and hours of conversations he had with you and officer Jackson. for several of whichThe conversations he has witnesses. Do you need to go beyond this? Because I 'm willing to do that Now, if you wish. If you do not take Alex to the isolation and put back to his bedroom, I 'm going to have Jackson and director of the unemployment rate line before Christmas. If you do not think I can, to test me, and that is for a rude awakening. " Henderson looked at Jacob. Trying to figure out why it to the assistant of the person who tried to kill him several times. He knows Jacob, who not only has connections to the tax office and is rumored that he knows the governor. " I do not understand, Mr. Henderson, is why you do this. Yes, Alex against a standard, but he defended himself. He has done everything and something else for you. This is the way to treat the two that help ? I ask Alex to help you stop because you know that if necessary, s he turned his back to you. Do not want Alex to your site? Control band from the inside means you have less worries! They know Top 100 Nn Young Models that if you do , Alex will help you all the success that you were in here with his s ido. " " How I can explain to other residents that Alex has a different set rules that follows. I want to lose control like this. " " You need not be informed of the residence. If you are that kind of director who can not be must Top 100 Nn Young Models be in place. If your monitor to ask why, tell them you Top 100 Nn Young Models have threatened me with a lawsuit. This includes, known as dass " " Well, I'll have Alex moved back to his bedroom. Need to talk to him, , and make sure that continues to work with me and director Jackson. This is the only way I move back to his room to room. " " There will be a tough sell, but I will. I have only one desire add. They have shown how fast back to a person who, in turn we can help. In order to protect Alex from prison, he must be allowed to record all meetingsn is with you and the guards of here at work he has done for you. One of his law firm will go down and get the tapes each week. Will be n the tapes directly from Alex and registration of in the height of the bands are compared with a list of Alex get the matter. This is the only way Alex is able to protect themselves from the stab in the back. I not let you harm in any way. He pursed his time in his life, , try to make peace and go home. Let him do his time and go home to go to his mother and siblings. " Mr. Henderson did not know how to respond to the request of Jacob. One clear, Mr. Henderson, the two have remained in full contact and Alex got here. A instead, the attorneys discuss Alex Jacob all n. They should be Top 100 Nn Young Models instructed Jacob to do when things go wrong. " I have no problem with these applications. Set the recorder and the band we have an agreement. " Jacob got up and shook Mr. Hendershowever when it came out in his of the Office. He was accompanied during the visit room to talk to them Alex. Jacob decided to make it clear to any confidence that Alex is no longer in this place. You must be doing everything possible and that includes every step motors, to get Top 100 Nn Young Models your next promotion. Alex came in and sat on the opposite side of the table of Jacob. Jacob explained what he agreed to do with Mr. Henderson. No. At this time, Jacob end, Alex had no objections to the plan. He wants to ensure that s all you do is documented. " I do not understand is, Jacob, why did. I have all and a little more help, Mr. Henderson and his guards. In turn, turn, s back to this fast, "said Alex with a total confusion in his voice Jacob responded with only a second to hesitate. " I do not know, but I pretty sure he has a personal motive for what he does. He has been success here and trust me this is not his last stop on the conveyor beltIon train. I think he tried to get rid of the loose ends before you get to the promotion. " Alex sat there amazed, he is considered a loose end. He comes to expect that treatment of his band, but not by those who have sworn n protect. Also knows that to what has been launched today to protect changed its position among the members of his gang so of Jacob, and then added :. "Oh, before Alex ! If go to remember what we talked about last night? Now, just before going down Top 100 Nn Young Models here. I talked to the school district, and decided to donate equipment for you and for this program. "Jacob looked back at Alex and saw n stir on his face. We were lucky that Alex. The school district is donating because they want to get rid of , the team received. You, the has donated to the end of the year and to call me that to them. so at the end of the weeks, the team should be delivered. " " Many thanks for your help with this , Jacob, and all that you hold dOink for me. They seem to be there every time I'm in trouble. I Thank you for everything that is not enough. I will not disappoint you, or my mother. " Alex was sitting when Jacob got up to walk out the door, but was y turned. Was around the table to Alex and knelt on the floor. Jacob Alex leaned and began to whisper in his ear, "You would not do best Alex! We are here for you to fight every inch of the way. It's fucked again. It is possible that the error of his life. Too many people fall into , the trap. Remember we are here at any time of day or night, if we need. I also understand why you do what you do, Alex must. Have shown, , even today, are not weak and continues to lead. They others do the dirty work and keep your hands clean. I know here true Alex, Alex, his mother is talking about me. Please stay clean out! " Alex Jacob was up and walking. I could not believe that Jacob was to save it. He has done much to this poor man, but Jacob will fight for him. Alex begins to Top 100 Nn Young Models wonder if Jacob can trust enough to tell itself. He knows that Jacob will understand, because he is gay, and , but he only has one concern. The concern is whether the story of Jacob that Jacob will run at Alex's mother. At that time, Director of Jackson entered the visiting room. He looked to Alex and told him that out of the room. They did not speak to each other, as it was to the entrance of the building 'A'. When she went to the door, Officer Jackson turned to Alex. " I know you and know how to do things. You need to understand that unfortunately, can not favor you. If we had done that, the concert is a us. Each Guard and imprisoned all of his gang known to have a Snitch. can not die in this kind of danger. " " Yes, you can not my life here in this kind of danger, but can is set to 20 mi- fiGo years in prison. You can not kill, but I to be killed in jail. They will not let me live, because I am a threat to the leadership. What do you and Mr. Henderson tried to do is sign my death warrant. I can not trust or respect for the people you like ! People who are willing to save his own ass at the expense of others! I understand what you 're thinking, but o need to understand where I come from. I would not give rise to a week in jail n. " official Jackson did not know how to react to what Alex said. He knows that Alex is right. He knows that if Alex would end up in jail the system is not live. he can not have it on your n consciousness. "I hope to Top 100 Nn Young Models continue working with us and give back. Since coming , the violence has left at this place. I ask you please of confidence. I know it's hard for you to say yes now, but I think n it. " Alex came in and went straight to his room. He met Matt in his handsknees and pray for him. He left behind him and bent to kiss the top of the head. Matt jumped up and threw Alex almost to the ground. " Oh, Alex, Alex O man, how, how did you get here When I learned that threw them in solitary confinement, I Top 100 Nn Young Models thought I'd lost you forever! " Keeps Matt \\ \\ n asked enthusiastically. ". Was because of that call my house and talked to my mother, who Jacob has to help me he came here once and said:. something Mr. Henderson, he changed his mind. " Matt worry no more, and again, only now he's back. It s was quickly to the door and closed it. Alex again and grabbed a hold of him. Without a word spoken between them, Matthew moved to kissed Alex. intermediate transition from one room to another interview, in solitary confinement, and back to an interview room, Alex missed the lunch and dinner. When Alex broke the kiss and went to her closet, opened the door. A guard appeared in court, breath s away. " ZoomsNDRO officer asked Jackson in the kitchen, you can prepare something for dinner. They were only Top 100 Nn Young Models able to have a cheeseburger and fries for the preparation of. So, please come with me to the kitchen? " It is, as an officer heard the Alex Jackson stomach growls a hunger. Closed the door of his closet and went with a guard to the kitchen. When he sat in the table was one of the Chefs of the tray n of food. Alex ate quickly and returned to the room where greeted by Matt, Charles, Bobby, Steve and Robert. as that the rumors about the misfortune of Alex Ashton can be reached at "B " of the building, is planning was in the works. there is no way what happened to Alex to go unanswered. so Ashton decided to reach the African-American band. in contrast to the construction of `a 'building' B ', residents have to go his room and get his food tray and then take it back his food bedroom. But today the procedure during meal time will change. the doors open to eachthe bedrooms and the inhabitants left. on two separate lines, one row on each side of the room to your o Food. Ashton looked across the room, only to the African gang leader U. S.. The leader looks back on Ashton. Without knowing what Ashton looked. Ashton turned and nodded and turned his head in the opposite direction , and nodded again. Before the African-American gang could react, Ashton and his band are on them. Right there in the middle of the room, both the these bands are going at it. as Ashton climbed on top of the leader of the African-American band and began to beat him. He began to wonder why he wanted to break the peace treaty. as Ashton left the boy took out a guard replied : "We have to break the peace between the two bands are you one of their lieutenants have tried, our leader in the courtyard before the jumps. \\ \\ n Top 100 Nn Young Models the morning. who broke the peace agreement and now we are at war again. " " What the fuck? not have anyone in the Building ' A'. You are condemned located in the ass. If you do not want peace, for example, they do, but does not lie. " " Check it out and see you have a lieutenant by the name Barry, who is now under construction 'A'. He broke our peace agreement and because we're at war ! " The two gangs finally separated and Top 100 Nn Young Models thrown back to the bedrooms. Now ` B we fell on the castle. The Top 100 Nn Young Models African-American band leader, Samuel gathered his lieutenants to him at the table, "Search Determine if it is true that Top 100 Nn Young Models we have someone in the other building, tried to have attack Alex. If so, we must come to that person... " One of the lieutenants, Marterrius announced his words, " I know that Barry came last night. He immediately sought control over the other, in the acquisition building. I thought I could manage without you achieve and s -out war with the Mexican band. " " Damn it, knowing that you have done this before and not come and tell me ? That child s jumped the leader of the MexicanTies. How fucking stupid it is ? came to out, and its role in this damned. I want to talk with him before he causes problems Top 100 Nn Young Models plus for us. " Samuel went and left the standing orders. He knows that if he does n get be a chance to sit down with Alex, who has enjoyed peace recent months has as missing. He takes Alex how his band, and want to keep up is a good relationship with Alex. that's the only way that n ot in the future over your shoulder all the time. \\ \\ n Mr. Henderson and Director Jackson has entered a " B " of the building while the guards finished close the building. She went to the residence in , where Ashton, and the Mexican band looks and looks inside them, o talking in the middle of the living room. " does not even know that is no longer hidden. We've really taken this morning with Alex. He gave us peace between gangs. Now that peace is gone, , and there is no way we will be able to stop a war, if is. We are only just made manned. "Mr. Henderson, an officer whispered Jackson. N " We can only keep these rooms in 24 hour blockade until they agree return to the peace process. If they do, never leave the lock. " " Officer Jackson, you know, we can do. It is against the law. I hold only blocked for a time. Damn, you need Alex and we can not go to him. There is no way he will retire after the s what we did. " officer Jackson and Mr. Henderson recognized even before the uprising burned the bridge built by Alex. Now going to get even a heavier than before Alex. Alex had so many people in your life stab insurance. Ashton saw Mr. Henderson and Officer Jackson look like I was talking to his of leadership. he smiled and went back to the conversation. \\ \\ n " at the moment we act all nice and sad of what we have done. Then, if the guards to stop and rest for us. We will meet again, but we sure that does not receive aAbility to disappear as they do today. no comes with impunity try to attack our leader. The whole gang has to answer for what has been done. " any environment Ashton agreed with him. Began the meeting with the 's can talk to their members. Make sure they do anything until the order comes from Ashton or alex. the meantime, Alex is with Matt and the kids are not aware of what s happening in the other building. He tells Charles and Bobby came to the other buildings on the same topic. He Top 100 Nn Young Models wants to be sort n peace, for now, but that may change. the next morning Top 100 Nn Young Models after breakfast, Alex met with Mr. Simonss in the classroom his s. despite the Christmas break is Mr. Simonss still function at least until Christmas, because the new program. Alex Mr. Simons was held in his office when he entered the class. that went straight to reception to see, read Mr. Simon of the proposal, that s, which he had read. Mr. Simon was ClOthirst for literature and we went to the reception. " Good to see you, Alex. I thought I might have missed a student after the yesterday. I'm not going to ask what happened. All I'm doing to say this topic is to ask, keep your nose clean. enough about that, go to the topic at hand to move. I saw your proposal. of work, may be n, but the costs of implementation will be more than we got the grant. there is no way this feature will come in the rest. I am sad to say it is, has to go there, go back to the drawing,. board, " n with a smile of the Cheshire Cat replied Alex. "Mr. Simon, we have to go back to the drawing board that I have someone on the outside, in the situation, pull a few strings for us. High Tech is closed, and my friend Jacob Hernandez was able to get the school district, the entire grant machine where n is free. will be the team at the end of the week sent. all you have to do, will be ready to accept it. is set to uP and we show how it. All we need is Mr. Henderson to the delivery. " Mr. Simons replied almost in shock," I 'm going to do things right, that Alex. really go after something you want to review. I knew I got the student the law, a boost for this program. Now we have to find out about us can be obtained as an employee. First, we use the people here need to do their hours of community service , but the execution, quickly. Appears another great idea you of others in the community service free to do here, in print. I just do not have to make the connections. Actually do not even know where to start telling the truth, "concluded Mr. Simons After he regrouped his surprise admirable. Alex was smiling as once responded to a problem with a solution " My friend, who donated the same team to work on does not lead to knows he has some connections in the prosecutor's office. It 'll try n get our printers listeda place for those who are to be sent to do in probation, community service hours. " Mr. Simons is now equivalent to Alex 's smile said, " I'm Top 100 Nn Young Models starting to love this type. Top 100 Nn Young Models The next time you talk to him or see him, let him know how much I appreciate his help. Now I'll go ahead and execute Mr. Henderson of the Office. I want to ensure that out before the end of the holiday shopping season 4 -day weekend. " With these words Mr. Simons and Alex outside the classroom. Alex left way, as Mr. Simons directed by Mr. Henderson office. Henderson the secretary, said Simons , who was in a meeting and hope that he can, if you want. Mr. Simons approached the seat and sat down. Henderson has just begun a meeting with Jackson 's agent. the events of yesterday, decided that it is Top 100 Nn Young Models necessary, in closed session. both realized that they have dug themselves a hole and there is no good way out. has n \\ \\ n Henderson made ​​the opening statement is: "I made ​​a big mistake by not backing up Alex. I still believe that we can not show FAvoritism, but we can not our either on his back. I support this action, because the success of recent months we have here. When I got the job in the prison guard on death row here in Texas is Top 100 Nn Young Models all be because of Alex and help. Now, after yesterday, you may actually fall couple of notches. We have to assume that construction started blocking, but not No new incidents. It " Jackson officer scratched his head and looked at his notes. All that have tried in the past showed that anything that does not work control of gangs. Are numbered and the only reason they have been successful because Alex s says officer Jackson. " I truly believe that without Alex, which are not be able to stop the gangs again. He is the one that mediation has peace between the two largest gangs here. He's the one moved a successful transition from the mode of dealing with things with violence. I know he does it for their own reasons. weaccepted his help, for reasons peculiar to our s. Now, given a slap on the wrist and do not know how to fix know that I really believe there is no possibility of asking you and to give a peace agreement once again. " " Officer Jackson, I really think he is the only one who can get done. We have to go talk to him this morning and he does in his way. I would suggest you go talk to him while I go about Top 100 Nn Young Models my next meeting with Mr. Simons. Keep me informed, but to do so. I want to make the can now with this building and not worry about locking eruption of violence over the weekend. " officer Jackson was left out of the side door, as Mr. Simons, for the most. Was talking directly to Alex. He knows there will be a tough sell to Alex to board, back with him. As I walked down the main corridor, he saw Alex enter the Lounge. he asked her to stop, and obeyed Alex. Officer Jackson n is the situation explains what is happening in the next building, and asked for help Alex. Alex could not Carlos at his side because he always wants to witnesses, when he and Mr. Henderson and Officer Jackson talks about the of gangs. Alex put his principles and accepted Officer Jackson. The last thing you are informed of the date of this meeting to go occur. Alex and Carlos only had an hour to prepare for the meeting. so Jackson officer came to the door of the room and went to get Bobby. Although not familiar with Bobby Alex, he knows best, to keep hand. So if you're planning something for Carlos and Alex catch it before Bobby can run. About 45 minutes later, Officer Jackson called Alex, Carlos, and Bobby. They went to the double doors entering a room that will build Top 100 Nn Young Models `B '. That's where Jackson is the official kids. accompanied the children on the floor " B" of the building. When she came in, the boys stopped right in the center of the corridor. Alex looked around, see all the bedrooms into a lock. Barry, who started all this , standing on the other side of the aisle. Jacksonville officer looked at the police station and shouted, "Open -pod and D B" and then went to each table and pulled the driver. Each was in the middle of the hallway and stood there and looked at each other. officer Jackson is the first to speak, in their wake. "I always went to in their bedrooms, to talk to each other. Alex is the execution of this meeting, and strengthen again. Really hope that my guards I do not separate. " Alex has played with Charles at his side. "Ran ahead of time, the Mexican all bonds in the detention center or facility in this city and almost in that state. When I come here I was no negotiated a peace agreement between the two bands. We agreed we wanted to Top 100 Nn Young Models do our time and do not worry on the other. "said Alex Barry, as follows. Discussion " The guy says, being a Lieutenant his gang. On his first day on Tuesday, began to to create chaos in the cafeteria. I have nothing to do with him there. I gave treated with respect and in private. in return, he shows me the same respect. not only destroyed the peace that we had. I know he is aware that the agreement did get the same offer, because he met with the County and in prisons. follow our example of peace to live. " the leader of the African-American band took the floor. " I did not know that Alexander of these domiciled in the building. Not only is part of our band, but he's a lieutenant. He reached out and told me what I. How is the to break our truce between our bands ? "n " You have disrespected regular inhabitants of the deputy installation. you white, one of the first things we agreed. are no longer \\ \\ n force at a walk or just a fight with another resident. He stood in trays cafeteria and threw another occupant of the fud on the ground for no reason. When I approached him in his room, he ignored me. So yes, I came to to him a few times. I had to Top 100 Nn Young Models prove who has the final word will be here. Run the program, but when I see a violation, I will intervene to fix it. " " I did not know he had done that before coming to his room. I I would do the same when I was there. Even before we have a peace o agreement, no member of my control or could do a scene from I like it. I want peace between our groups. Let me deal with my Lieutenant s of the house. But as far as we concerned that we have peace. " " I do not want more murders, beatings, or any other violence. If in violence ended here, we have to do much more. I do not want to detail, but you know what I mean. Peace between our two bands, works of both of us and our company. I've been with my talk on the here and talk to your Administration. From that moment, nomore violence of any kind among our bands. We will keep our members, both on line and what happened of yesterday will not happen again, " The two leaders broke away from the pack, saying in private. They agreed \\ \\ n restore peace between the two bands have. same time, Alex Top 100 Nn Young Models to break a solemn promise lieutenant of the U. S. band no African leader who caused all this. in Alex 's mind, which has its \\ \\ n punishment. returned in the package and separated them into their own groups. Alex Ashton made ​​it clear that, for now, should be peace. Ashton did not care, because their leader is one who seems to be a over. Alex finished with Ashton and his lieutenants to quickly. was Charles and Bobby Top 100 Nn Young Models leave. As an officer of Jackson, escorted them to building, shouted Top 100 Nn Young Models the guard blocking is more. While Alex was gone, Matt could not help but care about him. Matt loves Alex therefore can not stop worrying abouthe is always with the issues his gang. Alex fears that one day is not a return s of the meetings. Robert Matt and Steve companies. They tried to talk about several topics n to get Matt 's mind off Alex is gone, but nothing is working. Finally gave up and left. They went down to Steve living alone. As soon as I entered, closed the door, Steve. He went to Robert y pulled him to the ground. He lay face down and crawled Robert in it, a back massage. " You're so tense at the moment, Robert. What 's in your heart that is Weigh yourself so much? " " Nothing really here just for the holidays I have been thrown a the mood nuisance. I know it will be worse at home, but at least I can go places. here, we have limited places to go. " " I know something you stop thinking about your home. do happy and content with me at the same time. " Steve said with a chuckle at the end. Steve moved his definitely in the back and massage them Robert. "I like to have my dick between her buttocks impressive. What do you do thought about it ? Do you want your tail between your buttocks ? " Robert said nothing, and talked more. Steve put on top Robert , which is rock hard. Robert felt Steve 's cock press on his back, lying on it. Steve started kissing the back Robert neck. Robert moves his body slowly until he reached the back. Steve leaned over and begun, Robert of kissing on the lips. At the same time, he put his hand Roberts between pants and underwear. Led by Robert Hahn, Steve cum began from it. As soon as Steve grabbed a hold of Robert Hahn, was tough. Robert began to moan when Steve was playing with his cock. She broke the kiss and Steve went immediately start undressing Robert. slid easily and Robert began to unbutton his pants. Steve slowly y pants slightly lowered Robertss ankle. He returned to the federal government Robert slowly removes underwear. As he slid the underwear ab, Robert Hahn, Steve hit on the chin. Steve pulls furnished Robert, to take off his shirt. Robert began to tease Steve would not let him suck on her nipples. After a few minutes teasing, Robert went back to where Steve was able to start sucking on his nipples. Steve Roberts spent equal time to both nipples before making his way to the abdomen. Robert Hahn finally arrived and put him in the mouth of his s. Steve gently licked the tip of Robert Hahn. That led to Robert the wall. Steve licked the hole down to the balls of Robert. It was is a ball and sucked, let it go, and took the other, and sucked. Steve began to hear moans of Robert quietly. Robert Hahn again, and swallowed it completely. Gradually begun, up and down his cock. For close -up and always Robert Cumming, Then slower. Steve held the advantage over Robert over and over on Robert takes the edge of orgasm, then no allowed him to finish. Steve wants to make this love with Robert, not just a quick fuck. Steve moved to the chest, to unbutton his jeans Robert Robert to and pull the tail. Immediately removed Robert Steves tail and put it in your mouth. At the same time, Steve had pants waist of s, in order to get access to the hole Steve. With Steve 's pants and underwear over his small buttocks, Robert started playing with Steve 's ass. Sliding a finger, then another, and Finally, a third finger, every time I went as slowly as possible in order not to hurt Steve. Robert would be Steve 's cock as he pushed his finger to the end s to the toes of the prostate affected. That made Steve jump every time. A Unlike Robert Steve does not moan when Robert sucked and fucked with finger ass. Steve pulled his cock from her mouth, and Robert left him. hepushed of his pants and underwear. At the same time, Robert completed off. Now, in the middle of the room, naked from Steve, Robert and Steve n as the day they were born. Robert stood up and pulled him into Steve and started kissing him. Robert wrapped his arms around the back of Steve, playing with her ass for the top and of the crack. From time to time, leaving Steve 's ass and went above and in the back. With his kisses, Steve started to moan. That made Robert even more audience knows that until the groans Steve says Robert that is actually in the right places. He wants to enjoy his friend every minute of your time together. Robert Steve walked slowly toward the bed. Do not break the kiss, she s fell into bed with Steve at the top, and Robert landing on the floor. Steve s down and grabbed a hold of hard to reach, leaking Robert Hahn. Without warning, Steve broke the kiss and went to his knees. Launched Robert legs on his shoulders to theto access their rear. that spit some of his sage Robert 's ass. With his pre -cum is leaking, that spread around his penis to lubricate. Robert was taken to the edge of the bed and pulled his cock at the entrance of her ass. Gradually came into Steve, Steve, so that one Robert the opportunity to stop every few minutes. After Steve sank his cock all Robert ass, rested. " I love the way your penis feels in my ass. I can not get enough of you as in me Steve. Please be nice, but go for it ! " Said Robert in a whisper. Steve leaned over to kiss Robert. Slowly began to pull his penis, then right as his cock reached the rim, pushed him back in Small Gradually, the speed of Steve, until you got into his rhythm. " I love your tight ass man, I love the way my dick around it. I can not be maintained long- Robert! Her ass is so damn strong, is the man strong! " Steve grabbed a hold of Robert Hahn, and began to masturbate. when he dropped Robert his cock, going out to Roberto 's cock with his hand. , Robert began to moan, as Steve would give up his ass and pulled him with the same. Steve knows that will not be long until he starts to cum. "Do you have wants the cum in the ass or you have it. " " Do not cum in my ass, I want your sperm drink Steve, please do not cum in my ass. I love the nature of your taste cum! "Robert looked at Steve mutt in the face to see. Steve pulled his cock out Robert 's ass. They were located in the 69 positions in bed. Both were at the same time to each other. Within minutes, the two reached their peak. as if s that time there, both began to cum in the mouth of another, or husband wanted to lose a drop of semen from each other! After sucking each other dry, fell on his back trying to catch up breath. The two boys lick their lips semen, and with a smile. Only love one another with in this way. Steve stayed with the semi -hard penis swinging between your legs when you don towels. He spoke at the Robert -clean for him, of course. got dressed just in time for dinner call. " We have to find time together. I can not just get enough of you. I would die happy if I could spend every waking moment sex with you. " Steve whispered Robert ear as she bent to kiss him. kissed for a few seconds and went to dinner. Both the smell of sex, but that did not immediately just sex. so to have this big old smile on their faces. This is what I give them away ! Alex first saw while walking to the cafeteria. "If you does not mean that you just had sex, I recommend that have a smile on your face. I know it's good sex but do not want to know another. " \\ \\ n Robert and Steve looked at each other, as Alex said smiling. theylaughed and looked back at Alex, without the smile. Alex could not stop laughing at , and hit her in the shoulder while walking to catch food. Midway at dinner, several new guys was in the cafeteria. Alex and the band seemed on their way to empty table. The only thing that passed over Alex's head is at this time that these guys are not expected to cause problems. You can see all but one, which looks Mexicans Asia. Alex had tried to see if no tattoos that give them away if they were in a band. However, The four occupants of the new jerseys long sleeve wear. Alex turned and said Carlos. "I need to find out about these new guys. Do not want a repeat of the above. If they belong to our gang o else we have with them before they arrive in" Carl refused head and stood up, took his inbox. The No other around the table saw Carlos was, as he about the new residents. that s lookinged back to Alex and I could not believe their eyes. Things are changing so s fast and it looks good on the back is so right on the possibilities of age. Carlos and Alex left the boys on the basketball court. that Alex out of the game. They went next to the fence that separated the of the two courtyards of the building 'A' and ' B'. " The Asian child is not in a band and one of Hispanics is good. The other two joined our program while waiting hi- n to come here. You're just the balls at the moment. " " I really do not like the idea that many of our gang members in this building. it becomes harder to do what we do with several of them in our building. Why so many new people we have now? "n " I knew that some residents had no roommate. This is the time of year jail county in their cells during attempts to void drunk. I think, therefore, the beds are filled now with prisoners in Top 100 Nn Young Models the county. " thatfurther discuss running alongside the fence on what to do with two new guys. Alex goes to the proposal of Jacob, and take a step back. that decided, responsible for all new residents coming Carlos set " What would you recommend ? that are already part of the band, and can not change that fact. If you put the leg, are these buildings that have n. we must be very careful with them. " " no, we have to do that. This will work for us, Carlos. the two step back and let dirty work. Look, you and I want to go here soon, so let's let them earn their stripes. " Carlos had finally realized what Alex says. Effective immediately, Carlos Keep all necessary meetings with members of the new bands for each band. Available now in This condition, Alex has jumped tired of people in the band. This is the only way to maintain control of the members. As heard Carlos and Alex Ashton asking for them. They went on to see what he wants to revive the stalled constitutional debateff. When Alex saw Ashton, who was a Ashton strange feeling that you are unhappy with something. " I have understood that you want to keep peace between the gangs, but can not afford that, what was a lieutenant of foot. If we do, we lose all respect and control in this place. Then we will never recover, "said Ashton to explain their concerns. " Ashton, look increasingly for control over peace here. The guards come to us to take to deal with crimes do. We are also able to expand our business without worrying about running the other gang tries to steal a piece of cake for us, "said Alex Ashton did not affect Top 100 Nn Young Models the argument. " I disagree, and why. I called Mr. Flores, before here and... " Alex interrupted, " did not let me complete this sentence Mr. Flores. appreciate the call. Number one, calls on his cell phone records in your bedroom. secondly, you have my permission to call or do him. \\ \\ n if Ior choose to me to undermine any chance you have, I will remove the of position. I break the rule that I set, then remove with a beating of his life. Do not exceed the head if the value of your LIFE n ! " Ashton knew he was wrong, but did not expect this response from Alex. Each n Since Alex took over the residence, which is kind to him. This is the first once you see that Alex n fashion. "Mr. Flores gave me the same answer, and I will never do it again. Since Now, if I have a difference in their choices, I'll just go to. I still feel you have to do with this that has n ----- ' m lost here. " Alex approached the fence and without notice. Grabbed Ashton finger completely through the fence. With all the strength of his body Weight, Alex Ashton bent fingers up. Cause falling Ashton the fence is in pain! " You do not have the right to question my decisions ever. As soon as you arrive at a decision It is. This is not a damn democracy is a dictatorship and I am the dictator of the head. I do not know who talked to us, but that s running on the wrong track. " Ashton is bending the fingers all the way, Alex began to speak. " I will not talk to you about it again. I do not regret, if the new leader of this residence. The next time you are not having an n conversation. Look Bobby, and think of you, want the the same or worse happen to you ? Do not ever question or test again. I know that in hell talk to you. If you do not give up names, I will force out. So give me the damn name, you are speaking, it is in the question of my authority. " Through clenched teeth and watery eyes, gave him the name of Ashton. Alex let s ranging from Ashton 's fingers and fell to the ground. Ashton came quickly to the clings to his hand. saw Alex and did not move an inch. " never again to question his decisions Please do not remove me from my position of n. I will do anything you ask me to do. "Ashton said, tears rolling down the cheeks of pain in the fingers. " Take care of the person who whispered in his ear. You have to do correct it and make it look like he fell. Go to the hospital and take a look nurse in the fingers. It is likely that Top 100 Nn Young Models some of them Top 100 Nn Young Models broken. " Ashton Top 100 Nn Young Models went to the building is not looking back. Alex and Carlos n the other replied in the basketball court. Top 100 Nn Young Models Standing outside, played basketball for a few hours before returning the fresh winter, the air felt good. the others saw what was happening, but not to ask. Now Matt afraid that the old Alex is back and fully taken. fear is a matter of time, the old Alex will move away from him, because the old Alex is concerned about his image. be in love with a boy of the image can be faster than any otherwise be destroyed. Alex was looking fMatt or not found in the lounge. It was in the room and found him sitting in bed and looked at the dark. Alex came in and closed the door, before saying anything. "I know you're scared of me right now. I have given reasons n, I have for the last days of anxiety. My authority in this band was in question. I still Top 100 Nn Young Models felt weak and unable to take more. I had to show that I'm weak and I can run this band yet. but no matter what I do here with the band , I'll never have here with you. you are my sunshine in the here and why it the bed every day so happy. I was not here as in the days. day, if not with you I do everything possible to get out of here, on my birthday number 21, for n you, my mother, brothers, and a new friend I made through it all. " Matt looked at Alex with tears rolling down her cheeks. Alex left in and sat beside her in bed. said Matt him, and kept hard. None of them spoke a few minutes. He just sat there clinging to each other. " I love you too much to lose, Matt. I am again reinforces the band n and let others do the dirty work from now. Just want all the time with you. You me you have saved myself here, and you know dass " " Top 100 Nn Young Models I love you too, Alex, as I fear the old Alex is back and push me aside. I could bear, that is my life s now. I promise you by my side here and if we get out of here. " Alex Matt that he never his love away. Alex White but Matt is on his side loses. He'll end up doing the total of 25 years in prison if he lives that long. This is every day for your family and those that will help you not to blow his second chance. But Matt, you see every day and gives a memory of how things can be in your life, and were filled ;with love. Continued... CORNER WRITER: { I know the story slowed in the last chapter, and in some places s really very boring. I'm glad you all stick around and put read. This chapter has become the old and very exciting for you all readers. If you think Top 100 Nn Young Models things will go right for Alex and he will be able to carry out, the key is thrown into the mix. It seems that the Alex is back and all the reins of the band. went to breakfast and saw some new residents try to give orders to the cafeteria. He did nothing there, but soon worked The New Guy. Do exactly what you owe, not only verbally, sent an e s, you have to impress even his full physical point of view in the new man. He has to send a message that is still in charge. Now, I threw in a wrench with Mr. Henderson and Officer Jackson. Everyone is all play nice and beautiful. No one tried to get to step to the other then wherand want to go in life! We all know it's not like real life. It is always a bad person, because it is a good person too. Mr. Henderson is the height of his own jail Top 100 Nn Young Models to get, but the only reason that is happening. Because they had the success that is in the middle of it, is even now. The only reason I succeeded is because Alex. You can try to control gangs, but as mentioned in history, are outnumbered and can not get out of all forms of occupants things done. Henderson has tried, without success. Now, he painted in a corner with Alex, and now he should know find a way out of them. No matter what Mr. Henderson believes that Alex has on his side. I understand your thoughts, but there are many options could have gone about to send the same message. Mr. Alex Henderson could be removed from the building ' A', and put it into lock for a few days. Because Alex has broken a rule, and must be punished. But do not send Alex Lock, for weeks or then build 'B'. This provides an easy way for Alex to jail the system, but wait a minute. Henderson is well ? Now we have the problem with Ashton. Alex knows that whisper in the ear of his s, but we do not. Alex gave the order to take over Ashton, a person who s, but that looks like an accident. At the same time, it is more likely to Ashton broke several of his fingers. It's the old Alex back and we will lose that the real Alex, that since has been locked to upload? Only time we is the answer. Steve and Robert seemed to be closer. They seem to be, with luck in finding times and places to have sex and not get caught. Actually the hope that they do not get as complicated as it did a few chapters. that s almost trapped in the bathroom, and how they are going just for him, might get caught having sex in a room with Steve. I do not throw Matt as he is concerned. He is in love with a decrease of Ale differentx. In recent days he has experienced for some time the old Alex , and that scares him. I hope that what Alex said at the end of this chapter a Matt to remain faithful. They make top pair. Like Alex Matt said he needed. Jacob appeared in the story and helped Alex in several respects. Jacob is is not intended as the protagonist of this story, Top 100 Nn Young Models but he will appear here and there. Remember, this story is a spin -off of Jacob, and Top 100 Nn Young Models will Jacob in his college years. To give a Okay, I 'm one of the plots of this story. The only reason n why I do this for me not going to bother and write. in my two main characters, the stories broke. Jacob and Joey are true and Josh and Chris are fictional as this story. But I will not break Alex and Matt. They survive the test of time. So many plots of this story in your head, it spins. as to turn the page, you can not wait for the next version of the new the chapter. Thanks gUys to return week after week, and read my messages. I hope that I will never leave the kids in the drama is affected in the stories. I will not say much more to come and spoil the next chapters, so I will not. But be warned ! Do not skip a chapter, or lost in the. So much to arrive at an answer in the chapters. Read future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know as I do if jacobmillertex aol. com, thanks ! CORNER } EDITOR : Now, some on several fronts ! I agree that things were a little secular and routine. Of course, this is how life can be anywhere. only as you think you have everything running smoothly until the screws something unbalanced and cause stress and conflict. The boys of the installation is immune to that, obviously. Alex is incredibly smart. For someone who is so young, has incredible knowledge of the intricate processes of man. He realizes that his own personality s has many facetsIt is recognized these facets and keeps administered , so as not to cause to be conflicting. You can to separate the various roles he has played in his life and without it. acute perception Alex allowed him to see Matt 's anxiety over the "old " Alex Person emerging markets. Alex saw him and moved instinctively respond nearby the situation. Matt is also never a real comfort to the work of Alex has with the band. It's so strange, all the fibers of the character of Matt. Alex is will do nothing to Top 100 Nn Young Models alleviate the concern of Matt. I hope his private enough food emotional time for Matt, the other end the relationship intact. I feel more emotion comes to the identity of the stranger , undermine the authority of Top 100 Nn Young Models Alex in the mind of Ashton. Again, a quick overview Alex for captured problem before it became a big problem. Alex Ashton had to return to some old habits of thinking back to the track. Ashton seems to have aReminder to keep focused on a few weeks, when in reality, Alex broke a couple of fingers. Mr. Henderson and Officer Jackson was an instinctive reaction to the fight and Alex unfair charge. It was clearly self defense. Yes, there is zero tolerance for fighting, but there are less extreme ways to do consequences. Alex had taken " their lane", without a complaint had not was a sign of justice. suspect that Jacob remained completely out of the intervention of the situation paw wrong each human life that has nothing to do with it, the system. I find it incredible that Mr. Henderson was the head his ass. He has much to lose to make quick decisions. not just to help Alex, to keep the peace, but his relationship with Jacob scored a great background to the institution and its inhabitants. I guess that print will be of great benefit, if the micro -biz gets up and working. It's great to teach a trade, with the occupants, giving them a talent really can make a legitimate honest living outdoors. How Jacob, go on and on, but I'll let everyone off the mat. Please keep the emails coming to us both! Hold all the stories of , since they are connected. Until next time, " Daddy " by Rick
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